Endowment Fund

Your support can help ensure the long term sustainability of one of the nation’s most important heritage collections, covering the breadth of our relationship with the sea: f
rom the Great Pacific Migration a thousand years ago to the cutting edge of modern technology and design used in America’s Cup and modern yachting.

The Maritime Museum Foundation Endowment Fund was established to ensure the long-term sustainability of the New Zealand Maritime Museum. Key points of the Fund are:

  • Contributions and Donations to the Fund are held in a separate account;
  • Management and use of the funds is under the governance of the Maritime Museum Foundation Trustees;

  • The Funds are professionally invested and managed by Perpetual Guardian;
  • Income from the Fund can be used to assist the New Zealand Maritime Museum to fund: the acquisition of maritime heritage objects for the Collection; Education and research projects, special exhibitions and maritime heritage events; The Bill Laxon Maritime Library, held within the Maritime Museum.

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Should you choose to support the Maritime Museum Foundation, we would like to thank you.

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