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Thank you for supporting the Maritime Museum Foundation, which in turn is supporting the New Zealand Maritime Museum. We simply couldn’t do it without you.


Aotearoa New Zealand is one of the most maritime nations in the world. The story of every one of us is affected by the sea – through immigration, trade, design, innovation, leisure – and the New Zealand Maritime Museum is a hub for all of these stories.

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The Maritime Museum Foundation is a registered New Zealand Charity (CC 10423) and an independent organisation operating under its own trust deed and board.

The Foundation assists the Maritime Museum to support the preservation of New Zealand’s rich and diverse maritime heritage stories by assisting to fund:

  • The acquisition of maritime heritage objects for the Collection
  • Education and research projects, special exhibitions and maritime heritage events
  • The Bill Laxon Maritime Library, held within the Maritime Museum

If you or your family wish to consider a ‘living legacy’ involvement where you can see the results of your donated funds, we have several opportunities we would be pleased to discuss with you. Within the terms of the Foundation’s objectives, your wishes will be followed.

Your support helps us preserve, share and explore the stories of our people and the sea with the Maritime Museum’s visitors, both national and international.

Your support can help ensure the long term sustainability of one of the nation’s most important heritage collections, covering the breadth of our relationship with the sea: from the Great Pacific Migration a thousand years ago to the cutting edge of modern technology and design used in America’s Cup and modern yachting.

Becoming a Partner with us through our Patron Programme enables you to bring your interests and passions to life. We will work with you to understand your specific priorities so you can make a personal difference in the Maritime Museum’s galleries, or through its programme of special exhibitions and events, heritage vessels, education and learning experiences, library and archives.

A gift in your Will can leave a lasting legacy to the future of New Zealand’s maritime heritage, people and stories.

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